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Luna Jereg Panther and feral in Second life Gor

Sa Ki Fori calling the Lake disney? You be the judge

OK Sa Ki Fori showed up on the Lake Ias docks, to raid.  As they gathered, one of the panthers,  Morrighan Serendipity  Ims the leader fo the Di Jan Panthers and informs her they are going to raid the Luna Caleeng Panther tribe.

Now why would she do that? Well we have a rule on sim that if you raid one of the two panther tribes, the other tribe can’t assist.  I as sim feral can assist either tribe, but i only one person.  Luna not allowed to assist di Jan and Di Jan not allowed to assist luna.  Only way both tribes get involved is if you shoot at tribe members from the tribe you’re not raiding, then raiders fair game for both.

So Morrighan Serendipity Im’ed Bac the En of the Di Jan, informing her they raiding Luna, so that the Di Jan would not interfere with the raid on the Luna Camp.  All fine so far.

Bac posts a notice to her people not to interfere with the raid on Luna camp.

A few minutes later, The Sa Ki Fori run on sim, run straight  over the bridge and WAIT!!  not one of them heads towards the swamp or Luna camp, they don’t even shoot at the camp.  They run straight for the Di jan camp and start attacking the Di Jan.

Now of course the Di Jan caught completely off guard, having been told ooc  not to interfere raid on Luna.  I watched one Di Jan get hit to less than 50% before she even got a bow out.

The point is, Sa Ki Fori and Morrighan Serendipity gained a complete surprise attack and great advantage in raid, by using ooc im’s and asking Di Jan not to interfere in the raid they supposedly doing against Luna.

Now you could be completely negative and  say they did it on purpose to gain advantage or that once on sim they decided to change who they raiding.  Doesn’t matter does it?  They still gained by using ooc IM’s to get advantage.

Fact is they claimed after role play stopped, they decided to raid whole sim.  Well problem with that statement is:

1 – No one raided Luna, or attacked Luna.

2- The IM still make raid invalid as Di Jan tried to respect the raiders right to raid luna and since told in advance, told their members not to interfere.

3 – If they changed their mind once on sim, only correct thing to do was IM Bac back and tell her they changed their mind.  They didn’t.

The most troubling part of all this was my IM discussion with Erica Thorne after the event.  Erica claims to be a MOD in several high traffic sims.  She also Claims to be expert on Gor and Role Play, yet she doesn’t see anything wrong with what was done in IM’s before the raid, does not think they did anything wrong and calls us a Disney Sim.

Well Erica got news for you, good mods don’t base their decisions on  their past personal experiences, their prejudices, their ooc problems with people.  They base them on the facts in front of them for the current role play.

Tell me you think i am wrong, but i think using OOC IMs to get a whole group to stand down and have them expecting you to raid someone else, especially on a sim where they are not allowed to  aid the other group.  IM’ing to request they not interfere, then using that to surprise that same group, intentionally or unintentionally, make the whole thing invalid.

Oh and  Erica, before you accuse someone of cheating, you might want to actually learn about Terriform draw problems, at distances, meaning someone you see in the open, may not be in the open especially if you long distance away, as terriform does nt show properly.  They might actually be behind  ground.  Also, shooting at the head as she claims to be the proof  a person was cheating, means nothing, except that you had less chance of hitting them.  Finally of course when you turn off aphas you very likely to not hit people on our sim, since that may remove prims with alphas from view but does not make the prim allow arrows through.  Plus we have many invisible primes to block people walking through  phantom prims that are supposed to be solid like trees etc.

Finally i would ask her to actually read the books, not just try to drag out selected quotes, since she clearly does not understand them at all by her comments on the books.

And Erica, for me personally, your resume in gor means nothing, i judge people on their actions.  Or are you claiming that your time in sl gor makes you some sort of gorean god, because i can giver you a long list of terrible role players, cheats, people who refuse to role play caps, etc, all with long records in gor.  Sure you want to be lumped in with them?

So in conclusion, you tell me, who is Disney, someone who OOC IM’s a tribe, to supposedly make sure they not going to interfere with a raid on another group on sim, then ICly uses that to gain a huge advantage when they attack the group they just told they were not attacking?

Or the sim mods that ruled it invalid for mixing OOC with ic.

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GCM over 100 sims Wow NOT!!

Well we had another visit from an avid GCM user, who seemed not to be able to complete a sentence with out swearing and accusing everyone using the gm meter of being “fucking cheaters”  Even demanded we turn off the disabling of his meter on our sim.

In amongst his yelling, swearing and general  annoying  language, he boosted that gcm is now used on over 100 sims.  REALLY?

On checking the GCM website  well yay they do list exactly 101 total regions, but wait, check the active regions.  Oh Dear  the same 25 active regions still listed.

I do wish when people come to swear and curse and disrupt a sim they can at least get their facts straight.  The GCM sim clearly shows that only 25 sims have had any activity with gcm sim for last 72 hours.  That 25 has remained pretty constant for the last couple of weeks.

I can only assume the 101 is a count of every sim that ever rezzed a server at one time, since it never goes down and also counts sims like ours using a server to block gcm from being used.

Now let me make it clear, i don’t assume this idiot represents the gcm meter in any way, but it is strange they come around every so often to harass us.  Anyone considering the meter would think twice after listening to this idiot.

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How to get your head bit off by Arua Sim Owners

Well I am the first to defend every sim’s right to make their own rules etc., I am also the first to listen to any comments.  I don’t have to like them, agree with them or change anything because of them, but you would be amazed what you find out simply by listening.

That does not seem to be the case at arua sim and tribe.  I made some comments about not liking their “Private Dock”, 10 meters from their front gate, which their panthers can legally tp into, but no one else can use.

I never called for a mod, never screamed invalid, i told a panther there in a nice im conversation and she said she could see my points and told me to  comment to the owners.  What a mistake that was.  To hear them both you would think i just told them their sim sucked big time and was garbage.  I didn’t i was smiply trying to give my comments and tell them why i thought the private dock was unfair advantage.

The following i am told is legal for their panthers to do  using the private dock.

1 -They can tp in and unless a raid of 3 or more is going on, engage in combat with anyone near or in their camp.  This of course means they can also tp in and gather while a raiding party is gathering at docks, avoiding them completely.

Now i fully  support the right of someone logging in to a camp to fight to defend it, but how is it fair if your breaking into a camp, even post a guard to watch the docks and a whole raiding party returns to a private dock right outside the gate and attack you, and you have to make it to main dock to escape?

2- They can legally tp in captives to the private dock, avoiding the main dock and dragging them to camp.

This seems completely unfair.  If I see someone dragging my sister off, know they are arua and presue them, they get on a boat before i can catch them, so i sail to give chase, only to arrive to find they  tped to a private dock and dragged the captive 10 m into the safety of her camp and sisters when I have to travel 120 m I believe to get to the entrance.  It deprives me of any chance to fight her for my sister.

Let try one more senerio,  While two or three sisters are scouting arua, a couple of arua take a sister captive and while we walking to their main dock, they tp in  the captive right by their camp at private dock, depriving us of any chance to rescue her and possibly cap them.

3-  I am told it legal for them to tp out with captives from private dock.

I love this one, so while rescue party gathers at docks, they can just grab the captive and tp off sim, from their very own private dock, avoiding the entire raiding party.

4- I am told it is legal for them to tp into private dock and then after seeing people running from their camp, tp to main dock to cut off escape.

This one has to be placed in the magical Priest Kings area, since i never seen it before.  How is that fair that a panther can arrive on a private dock gain ic knowledge of panthers running form camp and then tp to the main dock to stop people escaping.

I always understood that sim rules were supposed to make a sim fair for all people to role play on and not give unfair advantages to the home group.

A private dock should not be used with role play in my opinion.  If you want to use one, then you should not be allowed to  act  should you find something going on.  You certainly should not be allowed to use it to transport in and out captives to avoid any chance of conflict.

What do you think?

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Zemira Wood where roleplaying now is Griefing.

Last night i went to Zemira Woods.  I spent over an hour  breaking into the place, searching for arrows, stealing weapons, candy, shinys.

I role played every door i  picked, every gate, etc.  I also posted it all in a tribe flag and also to a slave there.

Today i find the Sim Owner has banned me for greifing the sim.

So now it appears if you spend time on a sim and spend the time to give people something to role play, your greifing if the sim owner does not like the fact you broke in and robbed them.

The poor woman had to fix some locks, and put out some fires i started in the dungeon.  OH the horror of it.  Why is she here if she does not want roleplay on her sim.

No i don’t plan to appeal the ban, nor do i plan ever to return if it is lifted without an apology.

Interestingly, she didn’t bother to even inform me or talk to me, I had to find out from one of the people I regularly role play with there.

I find it very sad that Zemira Woods is dying as a sim and group, but actions like this, show clearly where the problem is.

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Kill is an intelligent person so why doesn’t she ask?

I dropped by Kill’s bog:

Found her ranting or complaining or whatever  description you wish about me again, in another blog post.

I know this woman is an intelligent woman, so i have to wonder why she has not asked the big question:

Why has Yavin refused to give permission by IMing me in second life, so his 40 minute IM conversation can be posted in KIll’s blog.

If as all his friends;  who keep attacking me as a nut case, liar etc,; really believe he did not lie to me, didn’t make false statements; then they have to wonder why he is so unwilling to see his own words to me, posted in her blog.

By the way Kill, making fun of minor spelling mistakes, etc., is that really the best defense for Yavin?

The best Defense; if as he claims, he did nothing wrong; is to show everyone the IM Conversation.  All 40 minutes of it with all my spelling mistakes and all.

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TamyLing Resident – Spoiled Children should not play in gor

Well tonight we got a new first.

Seems if you not like something someone does your allowed to disrupt a whole sim by pew pew and what amounts to griefing in my opinion.

Tonight TamyLing Resident  gave pew pew a new definition.

She on sim at Zemira Woods  when i arrive and as soon as i leave docks she shoot me:  Only one problem she has me on her personal role play ban list after she  tried to  blackmail me into stealing gm coins for her.  Even her own Tribe Elder could not control her ranting that night.
I might add I have her also on role play ban for that event as well.  She claims she can still shoot me when on role play ban.  I not want drama so leave. Wait and come back 20 minutes later and surprise she comes back right after me, I go ooc on docks and just watch. first she shoots me while i ooc and on dock.   Then she  attacks the unarmed slave boy as he leaves docks, binds and sails him with no role play at all and she remains on sim.
I tped out again and tped the boy to my sim, unbound him and he made a note card of her actions and comments.  We both returned ooc again.
There she is still there hovering around docks and she then attacks another panther leaving docks, downs her, no role play at all again.
So by now I know what she doing she simply trying to stop anyone from coming on sim to roleplay.  I  can’t find a mod presently so i go ic and shoot at her, when she down me i reset ((risking a ban for it, to protect sim from her)) and down her.
Of course she screams and yells for mod etc etc.
Funny thing is like all children she can’t talk without swearing every few words.
What she did was basically grief a sim.  Her whole  point was not to roleplay but to stop every person arriving from leaving docks and role-playing on the sim.  She did not take any captives, she did not roleplay with anyone, just pew pew shoot, bind and sail.
So she got banned from the sim.
Yes i reset my meter, knowing full well i could be banned for it, but well worth it to stop this  nut case and protect a sim where i like to roleplay  and where i have good ooc friends, even if i shoot at them all the time in roleplay lol.
Interestingly enough she posted  what she claims is her first blog posting tonight.  Not sure if she understands the principle of blogs is to get people to read them, because she can’t seem to complete a sentence in the blog without swearing a few times.
Moral of the story is, sometimes you have to take risks to defend a sim or defend against nuts.
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Oops.missed something.

I have been in such a long  discussion about the statements made by one person, I forgot , many may have no clue what the GCM is even.

I am probably not the best to explain that, I will post a link to their website.  While i  have a problem with a few things they state there, like which Sims are actively using the meter, I have no reason to  discredit the rest of what is stated.

Read it and  decide for yourself,

I will only comment if your planning to test the meter, i would suggest using a empty sim if possible with limited scripts and access so you get a controlled test.   I have observed tests of the meter which were completely useless and honestly unfair to compare either meter.  You can’t do controlled test when at anytime someone can rez a  heavily scripted object like a sex bed or  a large group of raiders can rez in.

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